I am so behind schedule in everything. It's Friday and I am only having my case of the Mondays now ...

After years of being in a “research” group, a couple of weeks back I was assigned to a new team they are building around a soon-to-launch product.

It’s been an interesting transition, but man, so much chaos

So distracted this morning. I blame a bunch of people from Philly who are working on some really interesting ideas 🤓

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🚑 Indy Hall and National Mechanics are sponsoring a Red Cross Blood Drive!

Supplies are very low right now, and every donation counts. You can make a big difference! redcrossblood.org/give.html/dr

So...guess I live in Fishtown now. Gonna miss living in Old City but love the new place

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For a short week, this week is feeling very loooong

I bought most of these digitally but there is something so nice about reading comics on paper.

Also, if you haven't read this series yet, I strongly recommend it. It's like a sci-fi western with a strong "Game of Thrones" vibe

That moment when you reach work and realize you left your work laptop at home

Had a lot of fun hosting a friend over the long weekend. Now having a case of "I don't wanna go to school tomorrow"

Till playing a conversation in my head from a colleague's farewell party last night on "meaningful work". 🤔

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Reviewing various Sambhar recipes on YouTube. Really craving some South Indian food and I haven't made Sambhar in over a year.


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