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Self promotion, pondering Brett Kavanaugh 

I was on my way to bed and I started to write a long Facebook post and then that turned into an essay on Medium, written in about 35 minutes and inspired by Brett Kavanaugh, Bill Cosby, and the fact that we can't seem to get away from shitty men.

Your signal boosts and claps appreciated.


It’s a grey rainy day, everyone better drive into the city instead of using public trans like they do every other day— :jawn: knows we can’t get drizzled on.

Now let’s curse the :i76: traffic.

:notsureif: :oof:

So like... while I love it, it still hasn’t become as addictive as twitter once was—and I’m okay with that.

I’ve stopped going on here and twitter. It’s been quite refreshing.

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Ah yes nothing like a 2 hour WebEx where I can't solve the problem and also I had to poop the entire time

Totally tagging my 22 month olds first painting with not even sorry

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Good morning. We're lucky. We're alive. Let's do the thing we do and do it well.

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Everything is happy if you choose to make it that way. This is your world. Let's do that again.

I worked on this craft beer logo sketch and fell in love with it. The client killed it. I’m processing by sharing it to the internet because I need validation. 😂

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In light of recent events, I've put together a small budget for developers to help build a Masto app that tries to increase the use of the CW, integrates multiple instance account timelines, and generally make the UI even more intuitive. Boost to see if anyone out there is interested in the job?

Finally trying my hand at a . I’ve got the sketch of the design, now to actually make it!

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My swim to old city was great today! Oddly enough, not refreshing.

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Sharing a recent of that I took while over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, in tribute to joining the Jawns!
From my

I’ve tried to not hate the new app styling, because there’s less of a learning curve from a perspective, but I really miss how beautiful it was previously.

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Super loving the posts being shared - would love to see more women and POC on the tag as well!

Doesn’t need to be career focused, just share about how you came to discover something you love to do.

My starts with MS Paint, the yearbook club in 6th grade, and learning that you could do stuff on the computer and get it printed and made.

Let’s fast forward through some of the cookie-cutter angelfire, livejournal, and MySpace stuff that a lot of people share.

We’ll pick up where I took a commercial art class and a mech drawing in HS. Those classes combined with my love of the internet set me on a path to design.

uArts, fine arts, wtf am I gonna do arts, digital design.

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:awareness: note to all new jawns.club members:

By default, we’re set up so that new folks follow the mod/admin team to help start your circle on here and get a sense of the place.

Speaking for myself, I won’t be insulted in the slightest if you unfollow as you start to curate your feeds; either way, I’ll hope to see you around Local, which IMO is such a great asset of this platform.

:phillypretzel: :waluigi: :jawn: ✌️

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Shwooop. Hehe. You have to make those little noises, or it just doesn't work.

Yanno, Monday really gets a bad rap, I’m rarely struggling on a Monday. Tuesday on the other hand?


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Can someone recommend good static site generator to make a portfolio? Nothing fancy, just several pages for “about me”, “projects” etc.

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