I don't miss having to travel into the city and sit in noisy office for work three days a week, but I do miss the atmosphere of being in the city, getting lunch at street vendors and local restaurants once in awhile.

If you work or live around Old City, the water main work at 3rd and Arch is killing businesses there. The street is closed, sidewalks are open, but it's killing foot traffic anyway. OCP Grill is normally nearly full every lunchtime, and today I saw 4 orders in an hour. If you have the means, please give these local businesses your support. They aren't exaggerating when they say traffic is down as much as 70%.

That period of the day where the skylight means I don't get meaningful work done because of blindness.

Worked from home for over a week, for the first time since... and, man, I'm having trouble staying focused because of the activity around me. Really miss my peaceful, productive desk at home.

Gettin' up at 4:30am every day this week to do maintenance reboots. Like ya do.

Trip to Exton mall and Round 1 arcade for some fun with my teenage kid. Was a good day.

Remember folks, apple pie is valid breakfast food.

Good morning, jawns.club. Chilling with some Blackmill and poking at a database. How 'bout you?

Where'd my cheesesteak cart go? Seriously, guy was there all last year. I work at Third and Arch. Are there any street vendors that sell steaks near me?

Nice haul on pottery until my budget ran out. Will post pics later.

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Fine Craft show in Rittenhouse this weekend. Maybe the highest quality show in the Philly area that I've seen.

I've now seen the DC cherry blossoms. Cool, but the crowd robs it of any serenity.

We have a beast of a laser printer, a Xerox Phaser 6280 with duplexer, that is low on toner and to-o-o-otally not worth it to refill for us because it's down to needing manual refills if you don't want to pay about twice the cost of a new printer.

But a long time ago I put some googly eyes on it, so now it has a personality and we can't just scrap it. I mean, look at that face.

So, uh, does anybody who rolls their own toner cartridges want a very heavy laser printer?

When a coworker thanks you for doing something for them, don't say, "no problem," or "it's my job". Say, "You're welcome."

I started doing this a few years ago and it's surprising how it feels. It acknowledges that you have done a service, that it wasn't trivial, and that your coworker's needs weren't trivial. I doesn't brush off the transaction and makes it more authentic. It's so weird how we avoid being genuine in this context.

We ready for more snow? I'm working from home tomorrow.

Today I bought furniture. My old recliner is 18 years. Learned La-Z-Boy has a lifetime warranty and thought about asking them to repair broken welds so I can keep my old one.

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