Excited for another .
Find me if you want to talk about coffee and/or Design.

This weekend we got into roasting a Ethiopian Boji-semi Shade coffee & soft launched our website.

Still working through some processes but if you want to grab a bag in the city lets work something out.


Also after spending 2 weeks using London and German transit systems returning to our urine scented and inconsistent is really special

Woah I’ve never had a vacation hangover quite like this one.

I’ve fallen a little behind on vacation photos it’s just been so good. Here is yesterday spent wondering around Freiburg Germany.

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Hey, friends. I’m trying to help my friend safely escape an extremely toxic workplace. She’s a remarkably talented and diligent graphic designer, she works her ass off making gorgeous, communicative posters for the local arts scene.

Anybody in jawns.club have a lead on agencies, studios, individuals looking to hire a designer?

Here’s her website and portfolio. She’s such a badass. jontzdesign.com/

Toot-les PHL. I’m a little excited to be tootin sporadically as I vacation across London and Germany

The last work day before vacation is so much internal termoil between ZFG & caring to much on tightening up loose ends


I’m Product & UX Designer living and working in Philly. We probably have met IRL in philly at some point too.

My free time is spent Roasting coffee, tinkering with motorcycles and work on renovating my no libs home.

Expect sporadic toot ramblings about design nerdery, my dog & misadventures of home improvement

I wonder if the irony of calling posts toots is a direct correlation to when/where messages are composed

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