The sad aisle at JoAnn.

(also yes the aisle was longer than would fit in my shot AND there are a couple more free-standing displays with more on them)

"when he was served the seeded-roll sandwich – repeatedly and incorrectly referred to as a 'Philly cheesesteak' in other media reports"


“For unto you this day is born in the City of Brotherly Love, a Flyer.”

Since Twitter deleted this Tweet, lets meet a "ProudLittleBoy" here... and here is the rest of the thread👍

Why do people use their real names and faces here? Its pretty bad opsec. I never got it

i cant believe they fired hextall. i wouldnt want to make that call because hed kick your ass

🏴 :gritty: 🦃
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

(As seen on birdsite)

remember if you deck a no fap cultist proud boy today, daddy soros will pay your double. :antifa: :gritty:

Here's the plan, pacifists and centrists:

1. Ignore the fascists while they recruit and gain power
2. As they take over government and the police, protest but only via ineffective means, while demonizing all effective resistance
3. Wait until it's too late
4. Cry "why didn't anyone see this coming?" after it's too late and feel smug for awhile
5. Claim a moral victory, despite literally everything we've done being acts of moral cowardice
6. Get killed by fascists or join their ranks

Roll out!

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well people in the eastern side of the state cant drive in snow too it looks like

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