The sad aisle at JoAnn.

(also yes the aisle was longer than would fit in my shot AND there are a couple more free-standing displays with more on them)

@lynnesbian its because verizon, att, tmo, etc take their good old time to release updates.

"when he was served the seeded-roll sandwich – repeatedly and incorrectly referred to as a 'Philly cheesesteak' in other media reports"


“For unto you this day is born in the City of Brotherly Love, a Flyer.”

Since Twitter deleted this Tweet, lets meet a "ProudLittleBoy" here... and here is the rest of the thread👍

Why do people use their real names and faces here? Its pretty bad opsec. I never got it

i cant believe they fired hextall. i wouldnt want to make that call because hed kick your ass

99$ for a ryobi impact wrench and 4ah battery. Also you can get a s&w shield for <300$ but I haven't bit on that yet

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