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⚠️ Info about Racists Rallying in Philly next week. Contains Birdsite and FB links. 

On Nov. 17, The Proud Boys and such have planned a march on the area around Independence Hall and the National Museum of American Jewish History.
Personally, I am not amused.
If you’re like minded and able, go make some noise and drown them out.
Information in Birdsite thread below.


These people have threatened to kill me and if I were still back in Philly I would be there for y'all.

Every decent human in the tri-state area needs to show the fuck up, please.

"One week from right now, the Proud Boys and other white supremacist groups are coming to rally in Philadelphia, right outside the National Museum of American Jewish History."

apparently gritty is officially antifa. today was a good day

Finally feeling better from whatever I picked up on my Philly visit last weekend

I with I was good with gimp. Id totally make an antifa gritty sticker

Hey! We need your help to get housing for four working-class families in Philadelphia who got caught in a rental scam! As someone who has been housing stable, my heart goes out to them. I donated, could you please donate too? Please boost this everywhere! 1 of them is a pregnant single mother of three who was housing unstable for two years, thought she'd finally found housing, only to get scammed! Please contribute what you can and share this around. It would mean a lot to me!!

Im pretty sure Philly got me sick. Body has hurt since I left on sunday

Just found out im going back to Philly this weekend. That means 2 things, im 100% getting called by work, and 2 I get to pet some kittens

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