TIL: You have to press extra firm tofu for like 15-30 minutes before frying it. Also learned: Whatever you put on top of it to squish the water out will probably topple over at some point in the process.

The neighbors put their garbage and recycling out early and it just got blown to smithereens by these winds. Like, actual garbage bags rolling down the avenue.

OK! The tree is decorated! We have no outdoor xmas lights but you can't have everything.

Seriously we are almost failing at Christmas. We just got the tree on Monday, got the lights on it last night. Maybe we'll decorate it in time for Xmas. Who knows? How is your holiday stuff going?

My "It's a Wonderful Life is a crap movie" post on FB has over 50 comments so far...

Dear Holidays,

I am at an OK weight right now. Don't make it worse.



Do we know any graffiti artists? I have a specific question about the technology and the newest gear used to make (do) graffiti.

First day of Enforcing at PAXU done! Man I love the purple shirts!

I will be Enforcing at PAXU Friday, Sat & Sun. Come say hi if you are a board gamer!

ME: Oh, hey let's have hot chocolate instead of coffee today. (takes a big sip)

@alexhillman I saw this today and thought of you and partners... wonder if this isn't something you could apply your knowledge and skill to? Is there a place for this in Philly? curbed.com/2018/5/14/17351558/

There is no amount of cleaning that is enough for Thanksgiving.

I. can't. throw. out. old. computers.

Send help.

I'm really not understanding what @Steak_umm is doing on the bird site. Brand as guru? Is this what's next?

That being said, I do enjoy their tweets despite myself... and despite everything I know about humans and technology.

Today I made up "Howly Wolfenoot" as a greeting for the holiday.

Don't know what is yet? Here you go: wolfenoot.com/

I'm feeling celebratory so I bought new pumps and a pair of boots online. Just wanted to tell somebody.

If you've ever wondered where JRR Tolkien got "Mordor"

[text of photo: Merriam Webster word of the day "mordant"
adjective | MOR-dunt
1 :biting and caustic in thought, manner, or style : incisive
2 :acting as a mordant (as in dyeing)
3 :burning, pungent]

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