I. can't. throw. out. old. computers.

Send help.

I'm really not understanding what @Steak_umm is doing on the bird site. Brand as guru? Is this what's next?

That being said, I do enjoy their tweets despite myself... and despite everything I know about humans and technology.

Today I made up "Howly Wolfenoot" as a greeting for the holiday.

Don't know what is yet? Here you go: wolfenoot.com/

I'm feeling celebratory so I bought new pumps and a pair of boots online. Just wanted to tell somebody.

If you've ever wondered where JRR Tolkien got "Mordor"

[text of photo: Merriam Webster word of the day "mordant"
adjective | MOR-dunt
1 :biting and caustic in thought, manner, or style : incisive
2 :acting as a mordant (as in dyeing)
3 :burning, pungent]

I have obtained mini fart putties, mini emoji slinkies, emoji rubber bracelets and plastic spiders to hand out this Halloween. Also: some candy. Bring on dem little monsters!

Do other cities use "yo" as a legit greeting or is it just us? I lost my grip on reality a few years ago when someone told me "jawn" was just a philly thing, so yous need to tell me if, e.g., I god forbid am ever in Cleveland, I can or cannot say "yo" to the guy who is giving me my coffee.

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Best word of the day, ever, even if it doesn't mean what you think it means.

I meant to post this yesterday:


There's a rumor going around Haverford Township out here in Delco that Gritty will be at our parade today. Please advise.

@brianalmorgan I had to come on here to tell you that at 5:30 this morning I took out what I thought was a hard-boiled egg and smacked it hard against the sink. Egg. Everywhere.

(Pun time: My idea was good but my eggsecution was lacking.)

Ugh. I have to buy a new vacuum. This market is as shady as mattresses.

Any recommendations welcome. FYI: I have a double-coated lab/ germanshepherd/ bordercollie mix 80 pound dog. And wall-to-wall carpet as well as hardwood floors and area rugs. Thx.

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The Overdrive app is super easy to use to get books. Also, you don't even need to go to the library to get a card number and start getting books right away.

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