Ugh. I have to buy a new vacuum. This market is as shady as mattresses.

Any recommendations welcome. FYI: I have a double-coated lab/ germanshepherd/ bordercollie mix 80 pound dog. And wall-to-wall carpet as well as hardwood floors and area rugs. Thx.

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The Overdrive app is super easy to use to get books. Also, you don't even need to go to the library to get a card number and start getting books right away.

Just want to give a shout out to public libraries. There's no way in hell I could buy or store all the books I read and listen to in a year.

BTW I'm sure all of you know this but has downloadable ebooks and audiobooks.

Intro: I'm me. Hi, yous.

When my daughter was little, she'd do this thing when she got into trouble. She'd find 1 tiny, positive aspect of the scattered crayons or the spilled milk and say, "That's good, right?"

It turned into a habit for all of us. Sometimes facetiously and sometimes seriously, we take a break from stressful situations and find 1 good thing in life to mark. Sometimes all we can find is "We're healthy. That's good, right?"

I hope you jawns can always find 1 good thing. 🐘

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