Watched Legally Blonde again last night with the kid. Such a good movie. It sucked me in because we'd just watched Pretty in Pink (kid hadn't seen it) and I wanted to go to bed but DAMN YOU NETFLIX

Made my keyboard act as a kind of LED progressbar and show my current CPU usage 😊

If you got a Razer keyboard, here are the sources:

My favorite mug, a stalwart staple for over 16 years, finally bit the big one today. Tea leaked out of a crack that had been forming around the base. I wonder if the dishwasher made that crack...

Anyway. RIP mug. You served me well, Comrade.

I really just want to tell somebody about how the inside of my nostrils are all torn up from my house being so dry. ::sadface::

I forgot to add the trades gossip and happenings in Philly's sports world.

Add more shit->fans below.

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When the shit hits the fan in Philadelphia, it really hits the fucking fan.

The tech community is going off on GDI and the Feds are going off on Johnny Doc & his local union people. It's only January. This is going to be a chaos year, methinks.

I've worked hard to be organized, unlike my family-of-origin. I deliver my kids on time to events. My house is always tidy enough for guests. I have files for papers, no-one in my family loses keys, and I make sure everything has a place.

I misplaced a library book today. I searched the house, only to find I'd left it with my fiction writing stuff, were it belongs.

My dilemma isn't being too organized for my own good. It's never believing in myself that I am, in fact, an organized person.

TIL: You have to press extra firm tofu for like 15-30 minutes before frying it. Also learned: Whatever you put on top of it to squish the water out will probably topple over at some point in the process.

The neighbors put their garbage and recycling out early and it just got blown to smithereens by these winds. Like, actual garbage bags rolling down the avenue.

OK! The tree is decorated! We have no outdoor xmas lights but you can't have everything.

Seriously we are almost failing at Christmas. We just got the tree on Monday, got the lights on it last night. Maybe we'll decorate it in time for Xmas. Who knows? How is your holiday stuff going?

My "It's a Wonderful Life is a crap movie" post on FB has over 50 comments so far...

Dear Holidays,

I am at an OK weight right now. Don't make it worse.



Do we know any graffiti artists? I have a specific question about the technology and the newest gear used to make (do) graffiti.

First day of Enforcing at PAXU done! Man I love the purple shirts!

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