Just want to give a shout out to public libraries. There's no way in hell I could buy or store all the books I read and listen to in a year.

BTW I'm sure all of you know this but has downloadable ebooks and audiobooks.

The Overdrive app is super easy to use to get books. Also, you don't even need to go to the library to get a card number and start getting books right away.

@woolyrunnerlady They have us using the Libby app lately. Tried that one?

I have not. I find Overdrive easy enough to manage my holds/downloads that I haven't looked at others. I like how the audio doesn't crash my running apps, something I've had trouble with before with podcasts, Pandora and Spotify.

@woolyrunnerlady @PurpleCar I’m really enjoying Libby! Also always use my 4 borrows per month on Hoopla.

@PurpleCar @woolyrunnerlady I love Libby. So much better than Overdrive! Long overdue upgrade.

@PurpleCar I can’t describe how much I love my online library. It’s just a shame the app we’re forced to use for it is a piece of shit with the absolute worst “recommendations” section ever seen.

@MsPraxis Try Libby! It does everything I wanted Overdrive to do.

@susan I had a look at Libby when it first launched and it looked identical to the odious Overdrive. Should I check it again? The classification system is also a joke. I’ve been told Overdrive control this, not the libraries.

@MsPraxis I think the UI is better, and the audiobook player is great - that's really what did it for me, as I listen to a ton of them. However it's still using the Overdrive system, and I think their filtering algorithm is terrible.

@PurpleCar When I found this out a few years ago, it changed my life! Love the library!

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