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Hello internet friends, time.

Hi, I'm Marty! born, home. I produce and content for fun and profit. I also care a lot about and Org Development. I want to make workplaces that don't suck.™️ Spoken at meetups and like, 6 barcamps.

Host of podcasts about job hunting and classic TV. Had some viral internet stories about work you may have seen.

My favorite Philly meal is the double-pig combo lunch w/spam masubi from Poi Dog.

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"What are your podcasts about, Marty?"

Well, here's one about The Andy Griffith Show, hosted by me and another dude, who have never seen the Andy Griffith Show, and don't actually like The Andy Griffith Show:

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Here's a new project I'm really proud of: "Why Won't You Hire Me?" is a podcast that tells stories about , , and issues - told by the people who are looking for work RIGHT NOW.

Reminding people that they're not alone and should work for what they're worth:

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I also produce Product Hacker for Arcweb Technologies, and I'm the prodcer of... YOUR NEXT PODCAST? OH WOW, THAT'S SO GENEROUS OF YOU!

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Oh, I'm @SchneidRemarks pretty much everywhere else, including the Twits, if you know me from there.

Hello Philadelphians, it's me, Marty, trying my bi-annual attempt to get into Mastodon.

Happy to be back in Jawns.Club, the only good Mastodon instance, which also happens to be the one full of people I know in real life.

Hey Philadelphians, who are your favorite tattoo artists? Looking for someone who can handle "cartoony" style, hoping to have a drawing from one of my favorite comic artists turned into ink.

I was just looking through Hulu's movie options, and it's like they've been slowly, quietly, turning themselves into the streaming home for weird high-concept indie theater fare, which is nice.

Happy weekend to literally the only good Mastodon instance. Which also happens to be the one full of people I know in real life.

I wish we'd stop calling things like the new Lion King or Jungle Book "live-action remakes" when they are 90-99% made with computer rendering.

This Lion King isn't "live action", it's "animated differently."

Does anyone want to hear about unemployment at Barchamp tomorrow?

Uggghhh, I haven't really started on my Barcamp presentation yet, I've only designed like half of it. I might not even present tomorrow.

Hey JawnsClubbers, I haven't been on in a while, here's my adorable and wonderful halloween costume.

Just ordered tickets to my first-ever Ignite Philly. I'm hype I'm hype I'm hype.

birdwatching / anticapitalism 

Reminder that birdwatching is an anti-capitalist act: from the field guide I use: “Collectively we’re often viewed not as a society or a civilization but as a market to be exploited... when we go birding, we free ourselves from all that.”

Wow, it turns out the only Mastodon instance that's any good at all is the one entirely populated by people who live in my area, and who I could actually see in real life at any time, thus acknowledging their humanity.


Yesterday someone called me a "thought leader" so I am on my way to walk into the sea now.

Hey jawns-clubbers, what's the best cheap-ish restaurant for a lunchtime professional meeting in Old City near Indy Hall? Recs requested.

lol I just got out of a job interview which ended with the interviewer passive-aggresively scolding me for not wearing a suit.

Also I got the president's emergency text alarm in the middle of it and I was again passive-aggressively scolded for not turning my phone off.

This interview did not go well, is what I am saying.

*extremely Alan Jackson voice*
🎵 Well, it's all right, to be little Gritty.
Weird fat muppet 'reppin this whole city
Thousand-yard stare
Murderous smile
Life goes on in an Itty-Gritty Style

Gritty is running to the left of Kenney on a prison abolition platform

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Gritty will implement a permanent basic income and Philly will become a center of innovation, education and the arts for ALL who live here

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