3 days in jury duty, and the case was just labeled a mistrial. I feel conflicted.

I’m happy not to spend more time in the court room, it was a brutally depressing case.

I’m also happy not to go back tomorrow for more long, quiet hours sitting in the jurors’ room.

But I’m disappointed that we didn’t even get to deliberation. I’m let down that I won’t help render a verdict on this case. I’m frustrated that I’ll never know why it ended in mistrial.

What a strange and sad week it’s been. 😕

Shout out to the city employees considering jurors looking fresh to death in leather and suede.

What do I wear to jury duty that says “don’t pick me”?

Anybody interested in an Xbox One (500GB/White)? Was going to bring it to Gamestop but if any of you jawns here are looking today, you can have it for the same $90 GS is offering. Has a like-new controller. South Philly. DM me.

Hardcore TOOTER out here taking the ‘don to the streets.

I bought Tidy Cat Breeze to make this whole thing easier to clean and to prevent my cat tracking litter. It works great on both counts. Ripley (my cat) likes it. Kinda.

However, since buying this whole thing, Ripley now poops on the floor. Almost every time. She doesn’t seem to like the texture of the pellets, maybe doesn’t think she can bury. I say she can, she’s not even trying. She says “I just shit on the floor again”.

Breeze solved two problems and created a new problem all its own. 🙃

The “French Candy” Timeline:

Monday: Bag of Carambar candy on the table in the kitchen, a sign placed next to it.

Tuesday: Some plums are added next to the bag of Carambar.

Wednesday: Bag is gone, individual candies and plums are rolling around on the table now.

Thursday: Candy is gone, plums are now in a bowl.

Friday: One plum remains. 5 packets of ketchup replace the candy. Sign has never moved.

🤔 Opportunity to learn about French candy culture?

🤔 Or coworking snack entropy?

There’s this thing that happens in Indy Hall ALL the time: a snack is generously offered, a sign is made. The state or availability of the snack changes, the sign stays.

Here’s a prime example: at face value, this sign indicates that one plum and five packets of ketchup constitute “French candy”. The French just love their plums and ketchup.

The week-long context is so important. Brb working on my dissertation on Contribution Narratives & Snack Entropy in a Coworking Space.

There's someone on the 'don named @skrrt_vonnegut , and I love that. Hey, skrrrt_vonnegut. I'm Flirt Vonnegut. I see we both like books, jokes.

Hey, friends. I’m trying to help my friend safely escape an extremely toxic workplace. She’s a remarkably talented and diligent graphic designer, she works her ass off making gorgeous, communicative posters for the local arts scene.

Anybody in jawns.club have a lead on agencies, studios, individuals looking to hire a designer?

Here’s her website and portfolio. She’s such a badass. jontzdesign.com/

Those who print stickers, should I use Sticker Mule? Sticker Robot? Sticker Some Other Noun?

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