okay so what does everyone feel about Telsa vehicles? would you get one if you could?

@alan I most likely would but I think Elon Musk is probably a madman... and eventually that will be made plain and I may regret having the Tesla.

@PurpleCar but what if they made a purple one just for you? 😄

@alan if it was free i guess. in the long run it would probably cost an arm and a leg to maintain tho. also still need a gas car for long trips

@Notactuallyfromphilly well... the model 3's are 331 kWs... you get about 30 miles to a kW... I've heard people doing cross-country trips just on making sure they charge up along the way. I'm sure it could be done. I don't have one... yet. 😄

@alan so what do you do if you want to take the turn pike? just dont?

@Notactuallyfromphilly well in PA, most of the turnpike stops have the Tesla superchargers. Int fact I think most of those kinds of stops have at least 2 each direction at the food/gas stops.

also I think it's law in PA now that every township is supposed to have free charging stations... I know in KoP they have at least 2... I think they have 4.

Well shit I haven't been looking I guess. But im still.not going to stop for 30-60 mins. When I road trip I only stop to fill up and maybe take a leak

@Notactuallyfromphilly I know the KoP food/gas stop has one... ...and that site doesn't include most of the ones that you can find in business parking. surprishngly more than I realized until I went looking tor them.

@lizyuzu @Notactuallyfromphilly I think so, I haven't gone looking for them just yet. but I believe so.

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