still baffled by a large traffic bump for one of my . it surged and has retained a lot of the new traffic. the show has slowly grown in listens over time; but this is unusual ...I just rant for 3 minutes once a week. what's the appeal in that? 😀

@alan I like the discussion about Mastodon on your most recent podcast (which I found out about on Mastodon) -
Also, interesting discussion about bookstores -- I used to work for Borders, incl. at Broad & Chestnut. Thanks.

@Tyde thanks! you're talking about OG? We're recording another one tonight. I know what we're watching, but I nave no idea if it will be good. I suspect not. 😄

@alan Yes, the OG podcast where you talk about Mastodon and, briefly, about bookstores (B&N and Borders). I didn't find the podcast listed on the new Google Podcast app, which is a simple but clean app; however, you guys are findable on the Pocket Casts - which is one of the major podcast apps.

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