I suspect from all the TV I'm watching they want me to eat endless bowls of pasta, pave pothole'd roads to preserve pizza, have larabars cause you know.. they're "food" made from food? I know there's some more commercials.. but at some point I do succeed in blocking them out.

@alan I just can't do commercials anymore. I have cable as a really cheap add-on to my internet and mostly for HBO. I can watch The Good Place streaming on my Roku at no additional cost, and I literally paid $20 to Amazon to watch it without commercials. They break the flow of the show, they're really obnoxious, and the repetition is the final straw.

I can relate. I'm internet only in the house and that plus the half dozen of streaming pay services; I'm still saving money comparatively to the way it was before.

Commercial free is the best, although Hulu is not always 100% with this... ABC content is reasonable (commercial at the start and end), but CW and CBS have been the worst offenders.

Sadly, I like a bunch of the CW superhero shows. Their commercials are the worst, they repeat CW promos a LOT. *ugh*

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