Morning Philly. So what's on your candy roster for tonight? I'm passing out Japanese imported KitKat's (Raspberry, Strawberry and the limited edition Carmel Pudding).

@alan Well, now I wanna visit HMart and change mine up.

Full-size candy bars (yay Costco), fruit bars for those with allergies, and balloon "pumpkins" with stickers and erasers and whatnot inside.

@gamehawk you really go all out that's awesome. I imported some special KitKat flavors from Japan. Not a lot of kids come around and there's kids in the neighborhood.

So I'm taking all that candy into work tomorrow.

How'd it go for you tonight?

@alan It has escalated for the last few years. Gave out ~ 30 pumpkins, ~ 25 candy bars (there was a lot of non-overlap where smaller kids' parents declined the candy bars, and older kids didn't go for the balloons/stickers). A big crowd comes from across the street, where all the grandkids come to Grandma's house. Last year I called them over and they were like "nooo, we're not even from the neighborhood" and I said that was okay. This year there was no stopping the kids, they REMEMBERED. 👍

@alan REALLY? where were you when I was an adventurous sugar addict ?

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