Out of curiosity... maybe a topic starter.

If going fully electric was affordable (for you), (your car)... would you do it?

We have few options in the US (but all good), they're just pricey (for basically everyone).

Would you, if you could?

...and what are your concerns that would stop you? (aside from the price)

...what are your questions?

No, I don't work for "Big EV" 😅 ...but I bought one this year (pre lock down). If you have questions I might have answers.

@alan My biggest concern, more than price really, is range & recharging. I have family & friends in Kentucky whom I visit periodically. It’s a 600 mile drive and outside of a couple rest stops on 95, I’ve never seen a charging station on that route.


Okay so most of flagship vehicles will get you near/over 300 mi on range. Tesla can get you to 400 on the 100D Model S.

There are apps for trip planning, check abetterrouteplanner.com/ to see if that would work work for you.

Instead of thinking about as a quick fill up, think about it as a planned stop on your trip.

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