I totally forgot about masto (and this server) until I got a following notice.

hey everyone! how's life n' things?

Depending on your vehicles ability to charge... For me, at home the 110V outlet is 5 mi/hr. On any level-2 chargers, at the township it's about 6kwh and I get around 22mi/hr. Superchargers it's way faster.

For family vehicles, Hyundai's Kona, Tesla Model X or Y. The Cybertruck isn't out but it can seat 6 adults.

I know more are coming. I hope that helps.

Okay so most of flagship vehicles will get you near/over 300 mi on range. Tesla can get you to 400 on the 100D Model S.

There are apps for trip planning, check abetterrouteplanner.com/ to see if that would work work for you.

Instead of thinking about as a quick fill up, think about it as a planned stop on your trip.

Out of curiosity... maybe a topic starter.

If going fully electric was affordable (for you), (your car)... would you do it?

We have few options in the US (but all good), they're just pricey (for basically everyone).

Would you, if you could?

...and what are your concerns that would stop you? (aside from the price)

...what are your questions?

No, I don't work for "Big EV" 😅 ...but I bought one this year (pre lock down). If you have questions I might have answers.

Good morning fellow jawns! How's your Thursday shaping up?

@sethgoldstein well I'm a full-stack .net lead developer. so software development and architecture.

but I don't have the new job yet, I'm looking. any suggestions? know of any place that has openings that I might be a good fit for?

I'm doing alright. Surviving is the best way to describe it 😅

I clearly need a change. If any fellow jawns know of good full-time job opportunities for (full-stack) .NET Senior/Leads please let me know!

@zorn what the dark theme? I'm pretty sure that was done months ago. at least I've been using dark mode for the bulk of the year.

I hope you are all safe and sound.

Bahjeeebus politician campaigns, stop spamming me!

I'm barely here. yet people follow me. thanks?

look I podcast; I am a developer professionally. I edit (audio, video) a lot.

outside of that, I don't think anything I do merits much sharing. I also don't seek attention (yet I podcast 😄).

for example, I'm not sure anyone really cares that I like and make my own cold brew coffee. I don't think anyone here cares I like and occasionally Minecraft.

so thank you for following the potential I might say/share something meaningful.

till whenever.

When you've been on the public internet as long as I have, there's nowhere to hide. Hello, people stalking me, who probably shouldn't.

Good morning. By the way, it's only Thursday. Go back to work. 😅

one thing I like about my mixer/recorder is the discreet recording of each track. so when someone is making noise on their mic, I can just remove it in the edit. soooo nice.

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