@sethgoldstein well I'm a full-stack .net lead developer. so software development and architecture.

but I don't have the new job yet, I'm looking. any suggestions? know of any place that has openings that I might be a good fit for?

I'm doing alright. Surviving is the best way to describe it πŸ˜…

I clearly need a change. If any fellow jawns know of good full-time job opportunities for (full-stack) .NET Senior/Leads please let me know!

@zorn what the dark theme? I'm pretty sure that was done months ago. at least I've been using dark mode for the bulk of the year.

I hope you are all safe and sound.

Bahjeeebus politician campaigns, stop spamming me!

I'm barely here. yet people follow me. thanks?

look I podcast; I am a developer professionally. I edit (audio, video) a lot.

outside of that, I don't think anything I do merits much sharing. I also don't seek attention (yet I podcast πŸ˜„).

for example, I'm not sure anyone really cares that I like and make my own cold brew coffee. I don't think anyone here cares I like and occasionally Minecraft.

so thank you for following the potential I might say/share something meaningful.

till whenever.

When you've been on the public internet as long as I have, there's nowhere to hide. Hello, people stalking me, who probably shouldn't.

Good morning. By the way, it's only Thursday. Go back to work. πŸ˜…

one thing I like about my mixer/recorder is the discreet recording of each track. so when someone is making noise on their mic, I can just remove it in the edit. soooo nice.

I want crispy fish tacos... there's snow outside. I guess I need to order something. πŸ˜„

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TSA agent to co worker: lol that's the eighth suitcase of nothing but Tasty Kakes I've seen this week.

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