evening all. I think I need to pass out and sleeeeee....💤 🛏️ *mumbles*goodnight... 💤

Morning all. How's your cold Thursday shaping up?

so tired. me want sleep. but this long edit is loooooooong. 😪

@Drew so you're saying watch it with your loved ones? 😄

ohhhhkay. hopefully tonight I won't up late. I now find myself the mod/admin of 2 discord servers... and lot's of stuff to do tonight

@ernesto In terms of current relevance my guess would be Jonah Hill... cause the rest of them haven't done anything of note in a while. IMO

that doesn't mean they're not all great actors. if I was ranking by that than I would keep the order you have from best to worst. 😄

I started off today with a Donut and some *warm* cold brewed coffee. Today has been a good day. 😄

if you're day is not going well, I recommend a bespoke donut (Duck Donuts); the french toast donut is my favorite.

@Jasonquintin I was measuring the Boji Kello (corsa.coffee/) <shameless.plug/> grounds (for the cold brew)... I got a waft of a buttery smell as well.

I hadn't noticed that before. Just thought I'd share.

Well I would recommend NOT following me, I take maybe a pic/vid once a year.

But I'll certainly check out you IG.

Morning everyone!

I think it's time I make some more Boji cold brew coffee today. cc: @Jasonquintin

@alexhillman have you tried asking Alexa yet?

Alexa: Who is David S. Pumpkin...?

okay podcast stuff done... did some patreon page stuff... now it's time for bed. night all!

@dave yup, always a WIP, as long as you're mindful of it, it won't get worse. yeah Twitter is/has never been a toxic place for me. Masto is/was with other instances, but this one is quiet and full of awesome locals. it's amazing how much that makes a difference.

i'm still on FB only for podcast related things.

@dave not deleting any social media I care about no... reducing the "physical" pollution (aka crap) yes. when I moved several years ago I got rid of a lot of stuff and make sure not to repeat filling up my environment with useless stuff.

I also uninstall stuff off my phone and computers that I never use.

minimizing isn't just for the homestead.

it's late... I have work tomorrow... that's what I get for re-setting up my patreon page for the podcast stuff. night all!

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