yo. evening philly.

how's it going? ...me? editing a podcast, only for the 715th week in a row. 😄

weird, some guy rung the doorbell... looking for someone not at my house.

he apologized and left. very weird.

Sushi Burritos are messy but great! Hai Street Kitchen. I just discovered them tonight.

what happened to that idea where we were going to post new job openings every month?

So you mean all those podcasts only on Twitch and YouTube aren't podcasts!?!! 😁

I'm editing, I'm not watching the state of the union. I can catch the frustrating highlights tomorrow.

I started editing the podcast late... but I had to drain the cold brew coffee, fix some house stuff... usually the reason this happens is cause I'm being lazy and procrastinating... but not tonight. 😄

@brianalmorgan Orla is amazing. She's very good at producing songs that do that. 😄

For the past week Dodie's new EP "Human" has been stuck in my head. Especially the song Monster youtube.com/watch?v=BPBBZyAlu7

I do not apologize (in advance) if this song gets stuck in your head 👏 👏

You can hate thank me later. 😄

Welcome! I program, edit, podcast occasionally game. That's basically the reduction of who I am. 😁 I'm good at all of them but gaming. 😀

I take that back I don't apologize. 😀 Now this song is stuck in my head....🎶I can't take the pressure of it, I can barely breathe 🎶

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