I want crispy fish tacos... there's snow outside. I guess I need to order something. 😄

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TSA agent to co worker: lol that's the eighth suitcase of nothing but Tasty Kakes I've seen this week.

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okay so I've ordered all the gifts for all the people... now I just have to bag/wrap them all. at least the is almost over.

I rarely get trick or treaters. So I leave a big bowl of candy outside for people to have some candy. About 10 minutes ago I heard a bunch of noise; I just checked and someone took all the candy and tossed the bowl on the porch. 😶

hola philly. I didn't forget about you, just busy. the fall season is always saturated with more activity then usual for me.

Stop what you're doing and go watch this awesome now. youtu.be/1_pICv1FxnY That is all.

if you like indie-pop music... and you didn't go to Dodie's show on Thursday you missed out. It was amazing.

hello fellow jawns' how's life and things?

@sauldraws all good things to know. As a Sr/Lead myself I can tell you're already ahead of a lot of programmers already. I know many mid-level programmers who haven't mastered most of those concepts yet.

@sauldraws what are some highlights? trivial things like how to make a LeftPad or something more involved like training an AI to solve rubik's cubes in 8 millseconds?

I wonder if there's any interesting IT jobs available in Philly area.

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