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cause I bought a new camera finally after almost a decade... it didn't occur to me until maybe I should post some pics here... not that I'm doing it again on IG.

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Happy day off tomorrow/Holiday Philly!

Some know I make cold brew coffee. I've been trying/getting different roasted blends from Trade Coffee. I do this enough, they "foisted" a referral link at me. 😄 ...I recommend them; I'm going to order anyways, maybe you can score free stuff!

@snarkmaiden interesting; good to know.I use it outside of the city; and will be/intending to the days prior. but still good to know about.

Morning Philly. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to coding on my day off tomorrow. Wait did I just say that?!? 😁

Cold Brew Coffee; hopefully it's as good, if not better than when I make it in smaller batches.

@jfred welcome, hello. I program, was once an IT architect turned app architecture... then went back to programming as it was more challenging.

I also watching anime. I make a podcast with friends on the general topic of anime and etc.

frankly I'm glad is like this (the amazing musician and artist)
*whistle/hums this song*

Management should be more about growth and less about specification. Micromanaging rarely leads to better/able things; just apathy.

Async/Await is about living in the threads, not the executions.

evening Philly? sup?

*goes to editing the podcast*

If you're comparing to DSLR's of the $900+ variety I agree. But my Pixel phone has a hell of a nice camera for close-ups, selfies, taking abstract pictures of cats and parks. 😀

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