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so tired. just getting through this edit so I can crash out early tonight. *ugh*

Sup Philly I am in you! ...for a meeting and barely unless you consider essington Philly. 😁

evening everyone. how's it going?

the fall time is always a bit more intense then I want. I'm constantly thinking about gifts around this time of the year.

the "gifting" is a bit of a problem for me, cause at new years I exchange with about a dozen friends... while I'm also trying not to spend all my 💰 😃 *ugh*

That moment when you're awake, still in bed and a smartphone completes your world. nods

yo, what's going on Philly worth knowing about? as I chill in the burbs; I need some good FOMO.

Morning Philly. So what's on your candy roster for tonight? I'm passing out Japanese imported KitKat's (Raspberry, Strawberry and the limited edition Carmel Pudding).

Happy Sunday and good morning. I'm up and I don't want be to get out of bed.

it's weird I got up early on a Saturday. ...okay but also, it's not even the afternoon yet and I feel like I so much more day available to me. it feels weird, TBH. but also, awesome.

It's only 7:45 am but it's a wonderful experience when work isn't toxic and already reactivily mad about something. Hopefully this will set up a pleasant work day.

duck donuts is the best. I'm glad we have one out in KoP.

afternoon. what's going on today? for me...

podcast prep before the recording. <cool.stroy.bro/>

I know exciting stuff! </sarcasm>

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