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yo. evening philly.

how's it going? editing a podcast, only for the 715th week in a row. 😄

weird, some guy rung the doorbell... looking for someone not at my house.

he apologized and left. very weird.

Sushi Burritos are messy but great! Hai Street Kitchen. I just discovered them tonight.

what happened to that idea where we were going to post new job openings every month?

I'm editing, I'm not watching the state of the union. I can catch the frustrating highlights tomorrow.

I started editing the podcast late... but I had to drain the cold brew coffee, fix some house stuff... usually the reason this happens is cause I'm being lazy and procrastinating... but not tonight. 😄

I took today off. I have to pack for the weekend. Yet I'm happily chillin' in bed; something I've rarely get to do.

in 67 minutes I'll be a year older... so for those wishing me a happy birthday on Facebook... I'm not likely to see if for a few days. just a heads up.

Thanks for letting Facebook mindlessly automate the process to annoy us all.

as I understand it... you can create a voice memo in iOS and send that to one of your contacts; assuming they have an iOS device they'll be able to hear it.

what I'd like to know if there's a cross platform app that does the same for both android and iOS.

wait long enough all the bots follow you.

sup ? how's everyone doing tonight?

Do you like music? Can you spare a buck? Let me recommend: is only 12 people away hitting 1,000 Patrons. Best $1/month you'll ever spend. Also her page is also setup with custom RSS feed; so you can get your new demo every month show up like a podcast (including her podcast). 😄

life has been busy. I haven't had much time for social networks...

I finally bought a switch.. but haven't played it much.

I'm looking forward to some less busy life things.

that moment when you're editing a podcast but would rather sleep... or play with your switch...

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