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I need more couch naps more often. A good couch nap is everything!

If you're rocking Win 10 I recommend EarTrumpet...
I never noticed until now it's rocking L/R meters...

Happy (almost) birthday! You're not old enough to drive, vote and you haven't dated enough podcasts. Welcome to still being a teenager! 🎂

Somehow you're the grandfather of anime podcasts. 🤷‍♂️ 14 is a very confusing age. 😕

I just looked at my Ad Interests under Settings > Security > Account Data. It couldn't be more wrong. I follow people, not topics or hobbies.

the greatest quote from tonight... while watching Eureka.... Sheriff Carter says in response to Felica Day's characters' comment... "someone put her in front of a cartoon" 🤣

...that moment when you could swear you spelled something wrong, you spellcheck, you didn't and you're still surprised.

that's basically been my life since spellcheck.

Happy <insert holday/paid-day-off> Holiday!

the sad part is that's just my resting face... I always look like I'm mad 😄

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today's picture(s); just me; ...I never take pictures of myself, so I'm likely to re-purpose them again

*now that I'm doing it again on IG.

hopefully no one will care if I post some here at as well.

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cause I bought a new camera finally after almost a decade... it didn't occur to me until maybe I should post some pics here... not that I'm doing it again on IG.

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Happy day off tomorrow/Holiday Philly!

Some know I make cold brew coffee. I've been trying/getting different roasted blends from Trade Coffee. I do this enough, they "foisted" a referral link at me. 😄 ...I recommend them; I'm going to order anyways, maybe you can score free stuff!

Morning Philly. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to coding on my day off tomorrow. Wait did I just say that?!? 😁

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