I highly recommend exploring around here.

Since there's no algorithm deciding what it thinks you should see, it takes a little more upfront work to populate your home timeline. But it's not hard and the payoff is pretty fast. Two tips! ✨

1 - scroll through the "local" timeline. This is all posts from people *just* on this server. It doesn't include boosts (or show high-boosted/fav'd posts) so you get a nice high level scan of work is here.

Click into a post to see discussion and comments. If you see something you like, say so! I'm meeting lots of new people this way.

2 - less obvious is looking for people OUTSIDE of, but on other servers. this is where your feed starts to feel less like a bubble and more like a piece of something bigger.

you can use a site like to search for instances of Mastodon that are interesting to you. But you don't have to join multiple insranes to follow people on them! Stay logged in here and look for a remote follow on the profile page of anybody on a diff server.

It's not as "easy" has having an algorithm but YOU get to control what you see. Expand your horizons. Make new friends. That's why we are here!

@alexhillman Day 3 for me and I'm just now noticing that "local" wasn't showing boosts or "@" convos I was seeing in "home." Thank you for all of the tips you've been putting out there. It's been super helpful! I agree about jumping in and exploring. For me, that's the best way to learn.

@alexhillman your two tips are making me realize that we don't see threads until clicking the "head toot"!!! Who knew!

@alexhillman actually, not the case 😱😱, I was seeing just the boosted first toot, a few screens down the whole thread is there. As you were.

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