⚠️ new idea/experiment:

"Who's Hiring :215: ?" for September

Reply to THIS THREAD throughout the month with links to opportunities. Freelance gigs + part/full time welcome. Include & tags.

Please stick to jobs/employers you know/trust, vs any old thing out there. We'll keep them organized into a monthly thread. replies will be removed.

Let's see how it goes!

(I'll do another one for "FOR HIRE" in case anybody wants to share their availability).

From an Indy Hall member:

Penn school of medicine is looking to hire another data manager. Her husband has been there for over 3 years and is very happy. Requires proficiency in SAS, R, or SQL.

Interesting and important studies on end-of-life healthcare and palliative care. Pretty great opportunity to work with a variety of database structures while also engaging in social/behavioral study.

Job posting:

More about the research group:

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@alexhillman My agency is hiring an assistant account manager -> <- It's a small company, a great group of people, a culture that values great creative, smart user-focused strategy, work-life balance, health and positivity. Perks include a Sweat membership and free bubbly drinks in the mini fridge. Full benefits include health/dental/vision/retirement. I'm happy to chat with anyone who's interested! Job is fully but flexible if you need to WFH sometimes!


I know someone for this who isn't on the jawn! May I share your email with him?

@pam YES! Please do! if it's M-related 😀

is hiring! Lots of open and roles at client offices or out of our Philadelphia studios plus a role or two in Denver with a client!
Currently open roles:
* Content Strategist
* Design Lead
* Freelance UI/UX Designers
* Senior UI/UX Designer
* Senior UX Designer (Denver)
* Senior Web Developer
* Software Development Manager
* Technical Lead
* UI/UX Designer
* UX Designer
* Web Developer
Learn more/apply:
Or @ Me


My company is hiring several positions:
- 📱 Mobile Engineer (that's my team!)
- 🔬 Deep Learning Engineer
- 🕸 Front End Engineer
- 📈 Site Reliability Engineer
- 🔧 Support Engineer
- 🤝 Sales Director

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please let me know!

@alexhillman Qntfy is hiring for:

🛠️🚒 Systems Reliability Engineer
⌨️🖥️ Software Engineer
📊🤓 Data Scientist

Deets at

95% remote, great comp, incredible insurance.

Come engineer the future of mental health and suicide prevention! Drop my name in your email.

And hey, we were just featured in a segment on the Today show:

@alexhillman OmbuLabs is hiring a Senior Ruby Developer! in Philadelphia.

We are a small distributed team. This will be our first hire in the area. They'll work closely with me.

More info here:

Anyone know any architects and interior designer with corporate, health care or science and technology experience? We have offices and clients in NYC and PHL and could frankly use a project manager level person in both places. @me or go to our website. (I apologise for the bad website, we are working at it...)

OMG the 215 emoji?? Where'd that come from??

@pam i wish I made a better note of who contributed it but it was someone here on!

@alexhillman @pam I made one but someone else actually uploaded the one we're using before Alex saw mine, I think it was @supercres ?

@natesmith @alexhillman @pam Sounds like the sort of impulsive upload I would do 🙃

@alexhillman NOT A TECH JOB ALERT

If you are a service industry worker in need of employment in FOH or BOH, my wife's restaurant is hiring.

The restaurant is called Amis, originally part of the Vetri family of restaurants, now owned by Urban Outfitters. The original Amis is a Philly favorite in the gayborhood.

This location is 35 minutes outside the city in Devon, PA. Unlike many service industry jobs, this one has health insurance!

PM for more info.

@logan_life awesome, thank you. my housemate worked at the original Amis, it was great. And 💯 for health insurance!

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