I would love to see lots of peeps at Barcamp this November

if you've never been to Barcamp Philly, here's what you need to know:

- it's got nothing to do with a bar
- it's got nothing to do with camping
- it has EVERYTHING to do with learning and sharing and having important conversations and doing awesome creative stuff that makes Philly better.

@captnpollyanna @alexhillman dare I say we could hold a session about in some capacity. maybe just a meetup for 45 minutes! A) meet jawns b) share experiences c) talk about future

just an idea!

@captnpollyanna @miketannenbaum I was thinking that - lots of people have been asking me for an "intro course" of sorts

@alexhillman @captnpollyanna I'd be down for a planning session on this, perhaps the first week of November (kinda tied up until then) or possibly Oct 12-19 if my client project ends a week early.

@alexhillman What's the coolest thing that came out of Barcamp Philly last time? Experiences that stood out for you? I can't tell what to expect from Barcamp.

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