⚠️ THREAD! Who's Hiring :215:? November Edition!

Reply to THIS THREAD throughout the month with links to opportunities.

Freelance gigs + part/full time welcome. Include & tags.

Please stick to jobs/employers you know/trust, vs any old thing out there. We'll keep them organized into a monthly thread. replies will be removed.

I'll boost the thread again every week to resurface throughout the month.

Please share!

@alexhillman I’m just looking for a part time PM - feel free to pass my info along!

@alexhillman Linode’s hiring for a bunch of positions. I can’t recommend this company enough, and I’m more than happy to answer any questions I can:

@curtismchale @alexhillman true, forgot to use the tag, though they do allow for 3 days a week of WFH.

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