Our vendor mis-printed a batch of @indyhall hoodies with orange letters instead of gold.

Or did they!?

Now available for a limited time, a GRITTY edition of Indy Hall’s famous stitch letter hoodies:

This marketing campaign worked too well and I have missed the window for a budget jacket

@pam I made a huge mistake!

(Really tho I'm gonna try to find a budget alt with our next producer that doesn't depend on them screwing up the order)

Bomber jacket? Femme option? (Thinking of the git it gurl jackets)

Yup, that one. A few friends have it and one of my objections is how I would IMMEDIATELY stain that color -- a black one would be lovely

@alexhillman xl please - btw, I’ll be in on Thursday if you want to grab a whiskey

@alexhillman I am so sad I missed the misprints. Much like misprinted money, they're much more valuable.

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