Upgraded a few of our ancient window A/C units this year to these Midea brand U-shaped smart window units.

They are *impossibly* quiet, and cool every room their in very well!

Most of all, the smart features are actually smart.

The only thing is…

They claim a 30-38% energy savings over “traditional” window aircon units.

But I can’t find a single “real world” energy savings report, whether it’s a blog or YouTube review or anything.

Which seems a little weird? IDK!

Truth is, they are impossibly quiet, and even if they don’t save any energy they were worth it for that alone.

But also, the “smart” features seem to work really well, and it seems like the auto-switching to eco mode, etc, is going to save us $$ vs forgetting to press a button.

So my hunch is that smart modes + a more energy efficient cooling system should save us $$.

But it’s SO WEIRD to me that I can’t find a single thing online about real world power savings. Nerds are letting me down!

@alexhillman I assume that when you say "real world power savings" you're unimpressed by the Energy Star ratings from the EPA? It might be lab conditions, but at least it's an independent certification, right?

They claim to test random units off of shelves from retailers, which should at least prevent some shenanigans.

@alexhillman For another testing source, I'd look at The Wirecutter's review, which anecdotally confirmed its energy efficiency:

"On one particularly hot day, we put the Midea’s energy efficiency to the test and tracked its energy use with a wattage meter. Even with the compressor running and the fan on high, it still used only 100 to 300 watts for most of the day (although it crept up to nearly 500 watts at one point)."

I bought the same AC unit based on this review.

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