Experimenting with indoor drone flight footage of @indyhall. Up next: plan shots and path so our pilot can practice, and then plan a day when the place is in action to capture life at the Hall.

Our vendor mis-printed a batch of @indyhall hoodies with orange letters instead of gold.

Or did they!?

Now available for a limited time, a GRITTY edition of Indy Hall’s famous stitch letter hoodies:


I wish I knew what made Amazon think this was something I needed to see

The guy who runs the internet provider at Indy Hall (Philly Wisper) has been working extra hard to make our connection faster and more reliable.

His job includes tweaking equipment on rooftops across Philly.

He sent me this from tonight's maintenance. Thanks Mark!

Official packaging for our JFBI blend of coffee came in this week 😍

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