Everybody wants to get fancy and sophisticated before they even *try* to do the basics.

If you think you're too good or too smart for the fundamentals, you're choosing failure before you even begin.

I think that this morning I'm gonna do a quick live video tour of @indyhall@twitter.com's new clubhouse, followed by a lil q&a.

Should I do it on our IG live? Somewhere else?

Was that my first time hearing "Dont Stop Believing" in a bar since March 2020?

If content security/privacy is the reason for this migration, maybe give me a choice to migrate?

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Insult to injury:

I replied to their email about this mandatory work, and got this auto-response.

Big middle finger energy.

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Every 3-6 months I look at our options. Every time, the only reason we stay on Teachable is b/c I didn’t want to prioritize re-uploading everything.

But if they’re gonna force my hand, I may as well upload it somewhere else.

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Holy shit @teachable@twitter.com are you kidding me!?

Barely 2 weeks notice to re-upload all of our course videos to the platform, or else they stop working for our students!?

What do I pay you thousands of dollars a year for. Guess we’re finally moving to a new platform.

we're so conditioned to optimize for quick wins and big wins that we forget how small, consistent, and compounding wins almost seem "magical" in hindsight.

Hey Philly writers & creatives!

Got a side project you’re struggling to get done from home, and you still aren’t comfortable working in a public cafe setting?

Check out this series of Saturday Morning Coworking Sessions at @indyhall@twitter.com’s new clubhouse: lu.ma/saturday-coworking

Beginning of a little project for @indyhall@twitter.com's new clubhouse - custom anti-echo panels!

Fabric design by @SeanMartorana@twitter.com. Build design by yours truly.

This video is for @JoeBiden@twitter.com if you’re not Joe Biden keep scrolling

This video is for @JoeBiden@twitter.com if you’re not Joe Biden keep scrolling

If you're hurting, remember that the opposite of loneliness & hurt is community.

Doing things together rigs the game in our favor.

It's why I have JFDI tattooed on my forearm. It's not "just fucking do everything" it's a reminder to do what matters and do it together.

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Ask questions, understand the problems and issues, and keep convos with fellow helpers in good faith.

Pay attention to who you fight for and fight alongside. Pick battles wisely and play the long game.

The hurt is real.

Just remember how hurt people hurt people.

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Look for the helpers, and help them.

Donate what you can to reputable orgs that need it.

Choose your focus but also keep your mind open to new ways to support.

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Writing voter turnout letters isn't the only thing that's needed, but it's an accessible starting point.

Build your network of politically active neighbors.

Learn what people just like you are doing to make a difference, both how and why.

It's the start, not the end!

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Obvs there are a lot of critical causes ways to get civically and politically active in Philly right now, but if you're not sure where to start or are looking for an easy way to meet other people who care, join us at @indyhall@twitter.com's clubhouse tomorrow at 3:30: lu.ma/GetActive10

Entreporn can come from anywhere.

Most people think of the first two gates of this flowchart, cuz there's so much hype in the VC funded side, but also among Indie Hackers.

It's the latter three gates that are just as bad or worse cuz they're SNEAKY.


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