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Hi! techfluent pm. og fishtowner. lover of gritty.

<3 thanks for having me.

We are doing again I see. Cool!

I’m Logan. 35 years old, married, service industry veteran. 2 years ago I decided to switch careers into tech. I’m a full time business administrator at the University of Pennsylvania where I also attend school full time. I’m pursuing a BA in Cognitive Science: Computation and Cognition and soon a Masters in Computers and Information Tech in the School of Engineering.

Super into and & I have no free time.

Welcome new folks!

Sale is still on! Don't miss your chance to get the Mastodon client with the largest number of Elephant Friends in it for 50% off, if you are a Tumblr refugee!

If you are not, you can lie and say that you are and get it for 50% off anyway.

Actually, nobody is going to be asking. You will only have to lie to yourself.

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@BridgetCReed I've had a few cards consolidated and transfered and it's pretty easy. Annoying that it has to be done at the office, but I expected it to be more painful. Good luck!

@ernesto I listened to their guest spot on another show recently (household name) and forgot to add it to my feed. Adding now!

@karschsp as someone on the other end of emails like that one, I enjoy when people are kind or funny.

Hey Philly procrastinators! You know who you are. 😉

Finish Up Weekend is coming back to @indyhall again in January. 🚀Make sure you’re on the waiting list for early access/discounted tix.

Hello! I'm a newly minted videographer/photographer after many years in tech and I'm loving the new work. I've lived in the Philly area my whole life and I'm excited about how vibrant it has become. I joined your club hoping to bounce around ideas and possibly find collaborators. Thanks for the invite.

@Artisticdork sweet! I have a DB of options 50+ since I posted last week. And growing!

This is what you all missed by not going to IndyHall’s Friendsgiving, pão de queijo and Dulce de leche!

Has anybody put together a list of small-to-medium event venues in Philly?

Wanting something I can sort on factors like neighborhood and vibe as well as capacity and resources (like rooms for breakouts).

If not, plz share your fav venues (of all sizes) so I can build a database to share.

Tired of people skipping Philly on their book tours, I started an event series called "Pilcrow House." There are already two events in works!

11/29 - Scott Belsky (Adobe) on "The Messy Middle" of starting a new thing.

1/10 - Taylor Lorenz (The Atlantic) on online culture wars, misinformation and memes.

Tix are $25 and under:

See you there?

@logan_life I also don't know what to do with it but let's start planning now.

At the very least, maybe a Meetup + new member drive?

oh also should be a thing i dunno what we should do - maybe a giant mariokart meetup or we all join antifa or something but we can't let that hashtag go to waste

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