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i'm still here and reading all your fabulous toots - i just tend to draw a blank when looking at the compose field myself.

I'M SO DAMN BUSY and it feels pgood to be honest.

Already on another Mastodon instance, but found you guys via . First timer this year, great experience, props to the organizers and sponsors. See you next year!

Experimenting with indoor drone flight footage of @indyhall. Up next: plan shots and path so our pilot can practice, and then plan a day when the place is in action to capture life at the Hall.

Noticing a trend among the talks I’ve sampled so far — from installing dark patterns to posting awful tweets, a lot of our friends are being asked to do horrible, horrible things at work. We seem to be spending a lot of time assuring folks “it’s okay to refuse to do that, and here’s a thing that would work much better.”

Admiring the people who brought their kids to @BarCampPhilly. Can't wait to bring our kiddos.

So it turns out that Mob Programming is:

A) A real thing that exists that solves for most of the things I hate about pair programming.

B) I thing I have been accidentally imposing on my dev teams during review sessions as an “assertive product owner.”

Come say hi if you’re at today! I’m wearing a fried chicken sweater.

I think I overheard a dad saying his kid wanted to go to the talk and now I am nervous!! I hope I don't disappoint this kid.

Excited for another .
Find me if you want to talk about coffee and/or Design.

Y’all, someone set up a 3D printer that’s making logos. None of us organizers know where it came from. I flipping love this event.

Also! If you wanna encourage other peeps to join the action here, point them to to get signed up!

In my country, we didn't lose the right to fair, open elections overnight. It happened in a small cascade of government oversteps.

And it happened amid an overall crackdown of civil liberties so, as you're busy fighting for your right to protest, your right to strike, your right to work, your right to live, you also gotta safeguard your right to free elections.

It doesn't happen overnight. Every civic act counts. Every protest counts.

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