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Tired of people skipping Philly on their book tours, I started an event series called "Pilcrow House." There are already two events in works!

11/29 - Scott Belsky (Adobe) on "The Messy Middle" of starting a new thing.

1/10 - Taylor Lorenz (The Atlantic) on online culture wars, misinformation and memes.

Tix are $25 and under:

See you there?

oh also should be a thing i dunno what we should do - maybe a giant mariokart meetup or we all join antifa or something but we can't let that hashtag go to waste

i'm still here and reading all your fabulous toots - i just tend to draw a blank when looking at the compose field myself.

I'M SO DAMN BUSY and it feels pgood to be honest.

Already on another Mastodon instance, but found you guys via . First timer this year, great experience, props to the organizers and sponsors. See you next year!

Experimenting with indoor drone flight footage of @indyhall. Up next: plan shots and path so our pilot can practice, and then plan a day when the place is in action to capture life at the Hall.

Noticing a trend among the talks I’ve sampled so far — from installing dark patterns to posting awful tweets, a lot of our friends are being asked to do horrible, horrible things at work. We seem to be spending a lot of time assuring folks “it’s okay to refuse to do that, and here’s a thing that would work much better.”

Admiring the people who brought their kids to @BarCampPhilly. Can't wait to bring our kiddos.

So it turns out that Mob Programming is:

A) A real thing that exists that solves for most of the things I hate about pair programming.

B) I thing I have been accidentally imposing on my dev teams during review sessions as an “assertive product owner.”

Come say hi if you’re at today! I’m wearing a fried chicken sweater.

I think I overheard a dad saying his kid wanted to go to the talk and now I am nervous!! I hope I don't disappoint this kid.

Excited for another .
Find me if you want to talk about coffee and/or Design.

Y’all, someone set up a 3D printer that’s making logos. None of us organizers know where it came from. I flipping love this event.

Also! If you wanna encourage other peeps to join the action here, point them to to get signed up!

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