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But seriously I don't think you understand the scale of that cheese aging room 🤯

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Google Translate did a remarkably good job with this handwritten menu...

...right until the very end 😵

Look what's headed to in a couple of days 😍😍😍

Make sure you find and to get yours and then share your fav photos of them stuck on your laptop, phone case, notebook, baby, etc.

Look what's headed to in a couple of days 😍😍😍

My brain def read this as


And honestly that'd be a great hoodie

Pat Smear is the cutest rock and roll uncle ever, no contest

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This performance was one of my favorites from all 6 hours of the show, and this angle brought back a of the tears and then some. 😭

Got my first tattoo in 10 years from the delightful folks at

Felt a bit like visiting with Italian cousin 😍🇮🇹

There are too many moments to recap but a few especially magical ones included:
- Violet Grohl singing "Valerie" with Mark Ronson and Chris Chaney
- drumming on "Learn to Fly"
- Shane Hawkins drumming on My Hero
- a surprise appearance from Paul freaking McCartney

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