i just binged netflix’s Haunting of Hill House over 2 days and ummmmmmmmmm wow

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*slaps roof of Horatio*

this bad boy can fit so many more things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy

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i like vermont. we climbed up an absurdly steep rocky path in the pure silence of an aspen(?) forest. we had it all to ourselves. and we had a flat white, maple latte, and 10 different types of cheddar cheese. jawns.club/media/jRzvgHJMo5QL5 jawns.club/media/KiDrBimMPhQJV jawns.club/media/qA2TqvZ6Uevl3 jawns.club/media/yVTfTTPXRQLwX

ok, a wood smoker is a game changer. we have HOMEMADE BRISKET IN THE FRIDGE. yisssssss

waiting at labcorp for a blood draw and OMG live television is so bad, saaave meee

any of you peeps seriously gluten-free/celiac?

pro tip: if you have large lady feet and picky needs, buy your winter boots before summer ends.

i wish i was not this boring but i really, really am jawns.club/media/1U0wJq04CO_gr

anyone else use Goodreads? i’ve been talked into it and just spent some time adding a bunch of stuff, interested in making book friends

non-gross medical test 

i’m supposed to take a 24-hour cortisol saliva test, which involves placing a giant pregnancy test stick thing with a huge pad under my tongue for 4 minutes, 3 times a day

i just did it for 8 minutes and the dumb indicator didn’t change

am i dead??

my mouth is so dry now

gettin all slightly chill and breezy cuz it’s gonna storm: i loooove it

i hesitated at first but then realized it costs less than we used to spend in a single month eating out, and we basically never eat out any more. price anchoring is real.

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just treated ourselves to the world’s most OTT (and best-rated) ice cream/gelato maker. party at our place soon jawns.club/media/BYBIuWlbGX4Bg

trying to decide if i should merge my other mastodon account into this one — buuuut i think it’s great to have exclusively local people in this timeline

anyone want to join us to see Beetlejuice in the theatre in Doylestown on Aug 29 @ 7:30? 👉🏻 countytheater.org/hsn

i love living in the country, it’s such a balm for my stress levels, but at the same time it’s rather isolating. living in old city meant friends dropping by ALL THE TIME when i was too sick to go out.

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