Me: “All datetimes should just be in UTC!”

Also me when I see one:

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Btw, if you've got Philly friends who want to check out Mastodon, I'm processing new member applications as soon as they come in so you can send folks to and encourage them to apply for an invite.

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@jack give us what we really want and let us edit posts on mastodon

Hi, I’m Ben. I’ve been working since 2013 in Center City at RJMetrics/Magento/Adobe as a software eng manager. I’m way too into and sometimes play music at the Fergies open mic.

I’m a dad of two in Collingswood, NJ and heavily involved in our Odyssey of the Mind chapter.

The most famous person I’ve ever seen in Philadelphia was one time when I saw Rob McElhenney leaving the Foot Locker on Chestnut St.

Reply with your best Philly celebrity sighting

hmu if we’ve met and you want to get in on our Minecraft 1.13 server. Help protect me from the neighborhood kids.

What if the universe isn’t expanding, but instead everything is shrinking?

Is too obvious that I downloaded my twitter avatar and re-uploaded it here?

I have no idea what “Federated” means 🐘

Welcome to the first mastodon based community for Philadelphians who ❤️Philadelphia! Think of this instance as a new neighborhood in Philly that anyone can be a part of, because it's online.