Update: Anthony was very nice and I’m back in business

Hanging on the side of Lincoln Drive waiting for roadside assistance to come change my tire. I don’t enjoy not being able to quickly exit situations that are potentially dangerous, so I neatly displayed my boxing gloves next to the spare tire compartment & am blasting “Cell Block Tango”. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page 😂

There are a bunch of flat earthers protesting at Christmas Village. I simultaneously have so many questions and no interest in having conversations about them in the cold

Anywho. They asked if they could contact me for more information and I SURE HOPE THEY DO because it's been a couple of weeks and I'm still big mad on both personal and professional levels.

In case you are wondering, I went to the ER for severe pelvic pain. Way worse than my appendicitis from June. I was there for a couple hours before anyone offered me an ibuprofen. (I did not take any before I went to the ER because I have a history of stomach ulcers, and also because I view my own pain as a helpful indicator for medical treatment up to a very high threshold.)

One of the questions was about how they could have improved my ER experience. An excerpt:

"The attending physician could have asked me if I was still in pain, rather than telling me I wasn't. In fact, the attending physician could have asked me a question about my symptoms. Literally any question at all."

I just got a patient satisfaction survey from Roxborough Memorial Hospital about my ER visit on Thanksgiving.

Who here would listen to a podcast about Skeet Ulrich

I am a cat owner and a Philadelphian. Trying to figure out how to make a tiny Gritty costume was inevitable.

Who’s got ideas?

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Y’all, someone set up a 3D printer that’s making logos. None of us organizers know where it came from. I flipping love this event.

Come say hi if you’re at today! I’m wearing a fried chicken sweater.

Also! If you wanna encourage other peeps to join the action here, point them to bcphilly.jawns.club to get signed up!

I’ve known it’s Halloween all day, but I just realized tomorrow is November. It’s too soon.

Wrote a bit about how Philly has helped me cut down on my biggest expenses 🐖


Back in Philly & excited to get back to work, even though my inbox after being gone 2 weeks kinda makes me want to crawl under a rock

Pulled into Yosemite and showed them my ID. Park ranger asked where to get the best cheesesteak. I said Jim’s (not the best cheesesteak but one of my favorite places to have a cheesesteak). He said “oh good, it was either going to be that or D’allesandro’s, and Jim’s is the right answer” and I SQUEALED. Loudly.

I was in Buffalo this weekend, then Cleveland for two days (where I saw Tarana Burke speak, she was amazing), then had a meeting in Lancaster on my drive back yesterday. Today I talked about at Indy Hall with @captnpollyanna, went to the first session of a super awesome leadership program, and then met back up with Amanda for promo photos. I am very excited about everything and also need a nap, but this is the pace I’m running at for a bit. Maybe micronaps?

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