Mastodon friends! Did you see that my library blog has launched? It has received so much more fanfare than I would have expected for a little blog about libraries

It even has its own news story

@brianalmorgan How about Pleroma or GNUsocial friends or in general friends of the Fediverse, or are we excluded?

Hi @brianalmorgan ! Just in case, @tuttle 's comment refers to the different free social networks that are connected by the same protocol (and can connect with your Mastodon account and vice versa). See &

Thank you for you work writing about libraries. When I remember my time at the university, the best moments I recall happened at the bars (with other people) or libraries (alone).

@icaria36 @tuttle Ah! Thanks for the info, it’s very helpful. No exclusions here.

@brianalmorgan Nice! You started with our own Friendly Neighborhood Library!

@brianalmorgan I am not surprised, RE: fanfare! Librarians are crazy passionate & make loud noises about others who are equally into libraries.

You should see how they handle those who are bold enough to suggest libraries aren't needed!

Also, hi! I'm on this now. I have no idea what's happening.

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