@gamehawk This is gonna be a weird question, but how does your cat drink? Ours scoops water up with her paw instead of lapping it up. Wondering if the Catit would work with her drinking style. (Thankfully she’s very hydrated since she’s trained us well.)

Anyone else has a cat that prefers shower curtain water to their freshly filled water bowl, or is that just us

UPDATE: 6 months later, the TP dispenser standoff has ended. Today, we discovered that the TP dispenser had been moved from the toilet tank, and properly installed on a wall, without obstructing anything. OH HAPPY DAY!

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@PurpleCar It went pretty well, despite some tech issues! (The slides kept disappearing and I didn’t have my speaker notes.) Missed having @captnpollyanna there too. Attendees seemed to get stuff out of it anyway, which is what matters

Getting ready to do an imposter syndrome talk so naturally I’m just built of anxiety right now

@yonkeltron Much better than I had any reason to expect. I finished the vast majority of what I set out to do today. I am, frankly, a bit surprised.

I have a head cold & there's a jackhammer outside & the building is doing construction so they keep setting the fire alarm off. Monday is trying its hardest, but I am more stubborn than Monday and THIS WILL BE A GOOD, PRODUCTIVE, ENJOYABLE DAY, DAMMIT

Psyching myself up for the day by announcing “Ok. I am a person who does stuff,” on my way out the door.

In the past 24 hours, I've gotten both DJ Kool's "Let Me Clear My Throat" & Meredith Brooks' "Bitch" stuck in my head. Unprompted. My subconscious never left the mid-90s.

Mood: opened the mailbox, saw two pieces of junk mail, said aloud “I don’t want that,” closed the mailbox, and walked away. I might just carry this energy all the way through 2019.

My phone just tried to autocomplete a payment form with “Hahahahahaha” in the credit card number section.

@icaria36 @tuttle Ah! Thanks for the info, it’s very helpful. No exclusions here.

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