Things I have to take back with me when I visit family in Wichita: TastyKakes (they can get a couple of varieties now since the Great Hostess Implosion, but no Kake Chips or pies or bars), Martin's bread, pork roll, Butter Krak eggs.

What am I missing?

(Husband, one trip: "I can't believe your carry-on luggage is a shopping bag full of TastyKakes. Is security even going to allow that?" PHL gate agent to guy ahead of us, also with a shopping bag full of TastyKakes: "I see that all day long.")

Born & raised in Delaware County, spent most of my adult life in San Francisco, recently relocated to South Philly. I product manage data platforms & service integrations, and currently work in the media & entertainment industry. I play electric & acoustic bass and do both multitrack recording & audio production for various musical projects. I love to jam! Glad to be here, I like when a social network is intersected by a local dimension. 🐘

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