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I am Philly-adjacent, South Jersey for nearly 45 years. Worked in Philly since 1996. Finally settled in Westville. Google Maps says my street is right on the Delaware River, though "Lake Martha" is a tidal inlet, on the northeast side of Wheelabrator Nature Preserve. I can walk 4 blocks and stand on the shores of the actual river, and see the Philly skyline. Here is a picture of flowers that grow in my yard without any effort by me:

Please help and reshare. I don't want my sister to find out i'm doing this, so i'm hiding it from all of our family, just in case someone has a leaky brain.

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boost if you agree needs a Gritty emoji NOW! Boost if you agree

‪Me: “I’m such an extrovert!”‬
‪Also me: “wow I immediately regret engaging in this social situation”‬

🕯️ 🕯️ 🚑 🚔 ⚒️ #911

when you run into a running friend and they tell you about their three upcoming marathons and one half marathon and you're a human sloth

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