I recommend "Enemy" by Denis Villeneuve starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

I wouldn't say the Frye docs were a scam like this article does, but Netflix has been putting out content like this for a while where the subjects of it are also the producers. There's one about meme culture produced by Paris Hilton ("she's so clever!"), one with crime stringers in L.A., etc. It's like the "sponsored content" that web news does now.

I read somewhere recently that besides the things that the subjects don't want reported, everything is PR.


Think I'm going to sit this Gillette one out everyone

Just watched Minding the Gap, probably one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. You think it's about skateboarders but it's actually about everything else.

Realizing that ghouls like Paul Ryan are out of Congress really gives me a pep in my step.

Although their reputation now is of corruption and "buying votes", I'm constantly drawn to the Tammany Hall politicians like Al Smith. Slobs over snobs like the Ivy League-bred FDR and Moses, I suppose.

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6 hours down, only 60 to go (that countdown is for only part one of ten)

"But do you recall
The most famous reindeer of all?"

Yeah it's Rudolph, that's who the song is about and as you just said he's the most famous reindeer, of course.

OH at a convienence store: you don't know who this is? This is Kevin Hart's nephew.

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