Feel a bit like I am going through the motions at work. Need to refocus efforts to create something that I am 💯 on.

First batch of roasting beans. Couple of notes:
1. A cheap popcorn air popper works fine, takes about 5 minutes.
2. Either do it outside or have a good kitchen hood that vents outside. The fumes are not good, like burning a very fine oil
3. The popcorn popper is now a dedicated coffee roaster, due to above smell. Which is fine by me, since the thing was gathering dust through lack of use.

Back in the 215 after a couple of weeks traveling through Singapore and Australia (work travel)

Man this job is burning through social capital like no other job I’ve had before.

Amazing bit of bootstrap DIY science that replaces $2K-$10K equipment with something that costs $0.20 😮

First eggnog of the season tonight. Can’t believe it took me this long to grab some. 🥚🥛🥃

jawns.club 🐘

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