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Time for an Xmas mix! Presenting Sentimental Hogwash, 90 minutes of atypical, but not insincere, holiday songs:

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With 2018 being almost over, I've decided to build some absolutely inofficial Fediverse charts.

If you want to take part, simply reply to this toot and tell us about your game, movie, or album release of the year and I'll collect the data and build some funny graphs at the end of the year. Deal? 😊

If you think more categories should be included, feel free to respond with whatever it was you liked best this year, and I'll try to group all responses.

Boosts appreciated!

Hey, fans, R Stevens of Diesel Sweeties has an item you need: According to reports, these are selling like hotcakes.

Braving the cold to see PRIESTS at PhilaMOCA. Gonna be good.

It’s not even December, and I’m already getting excited about Jon Solomon’s Xmas marathon. It’ll be be 30 (!) hours this year in honor of the show’s 30th anniversary.

Who’s going to the Speedy Ortiz show tonight at the Church? Should be hawt.

Los Campesinos! at Union Transfer tonight! Very wow. Am excite.

I was emotionally unprepared for that snow.

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An addendum of sorts to my giant Halloween playlist: a less-giant, science fiction-themed one: Little Green Men —

New avatar in the hope that it’ll help me tell which of my Mastodon accounts I’m in.

To answer my own question, I went ahead & bought ! on the promise of saved reading locations. The nifty instance-switching interface (flick lower-right corner) is a nice bonus.

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Has anyone tried out ! as a Mastodon client? Does it do anything special that the free clients don’t?

You need 8 hours of loosely thematic Halloween songs? I just happen to have something for that:

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So, my : Philly-born and South Jersey-raised, returned to the area 8 years ago after a lengthy hiatus. Recovering academic with interest in , particularly and . Also into music, comics, and hypertext. I very erratically post things at Fun fact: I watched the conclusion of the 2008 World Series from an apartment in Hannover (Germany) by way of a webcam pointed at a friend’s TV in Kentucky. 🐘

Welcome to the first mastodon based community for Philadelphians who ❤️Philadelphia! Think of this instance as a new neighborhood in Philly that anyone can be a part of, because it's online.