(Context: Philly suburban kid who will have to live here in Philly for another decade before it outstrips my NYC tenure.)

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Spent the weekend in NYC. Their blocks are so long! And then I remembered how when I first started spending a lot of time in Philly proper, I loved how compact and intimate its blocks are.

Semi gross health/running thing 

I thought I had tendinitis but at the beginning of this week I felt something wrench & move in my knee while standing up from sitting cross-legged... and now it's fine. Ran 1.6mi yesterday as a test. I think maybe some part of my knee was in the wrong place for about two weeks. 🤢 😱 Welp, back to it. 🏃‍♀️

I just consulted with an arborist who blithely picked up one of the neighbor's crabapples from the sidewalk and started eating it while we were talking. Also turns out that he started the paw-paws and serviceberries that I planted in our community garden this April! :215: 🌳 💞

I've been thinking about blogging some more--partly inspired by @deathmtn@botsin.space--and I have to say that writing about 9/11 (and plumbing my actual photos and emails from that day) may not have been a great place to put the spade.

Nothin’ like an invigorating swim home from work! ☔️🤷🏼‍♀️

Today I had jury duty and got released very early, I think because of the schools being let out. It's a little tiresome but also a great panorama of Philadelphia (esp. when I get lunch at Reading Terminal Market, which I'm usually not around on normal weekdays).

OF COURSE I :jawn: Philly but one thing I loved about introvert-filled Seattle is that on a day like today, everyone would be sotto voce excited about a long weekend with bad weather where they could just stay in and read.

Earlier this week I was carefully color-coding my training plans for the Philly Half Marathon and this evening I'm sitting with an ice pack on my knee stretched out over a throw pillow. Tendinitis sucks! Or maybe something else sucks, but probably tendinitis.

I grew up outside Philadelphia and worked in libraries (sometimes I commuted on my bike, because I was 15). Lived in NYC and Seattle for years, did various other stuff. Now I live in Philly and work at a library doing technology and still like to ride my bike.

I am cautious about applying stickers (corollary: I have many tattoo ideas but zero tattoos). The day we found that old label maker was a lot of fun.

jawns.club 🐘

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