First water ice of the year! (and also probably last because SO MUCH SUGAR) (also yes the Rita's in Moorestown Mall is open year-round; that's cheating)

How To Park Your Dragon

(I don't drive in downtown Philly if I can possibly help it, but if I did I would 100% park in this Chinatown lot which is guarded by a bunch of dragons.)

#dragon #philly #chinatown

Let's have a #Philadelphia masto meetup. Where should it happen?

deleted and re-drafted because I think I accidentally made the first one local only.

Hang on hang on HANG ON

Why isn't it the "Philadelphia Jawn Terrorist Task Force"?!

TSA agent to co worker: lol that's the eighth suitcase of nothing but Tasty Kakes I've seen this week.

I usually kinda give stunt accounts kind of a side-eye but for some reason this one makes me laugh.

I just realized. "Wawa" is the Canada goose version of "honk."

Do with that information what you will.

I moved to South Jersey in 2015 and to the Philly burbs in 2017, and today in 2019 I learned how Helen Gym's last name is pronounced.

(Why yes, I *do* get most of my news in [virtual] print.)

Gonna need to sell off Gritty Dragon too because I cannot resist the temptation to have him photobombing all my group shots.

(clarification: the menu says "pork roll egg and cheese sandwich" but multiple employees said "pork sandwich")

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Help I had a pork roll egg and cheese at Jersey Mike's in the Orlando airport and they just called it a "pork sandwich" should I call Orlando police or New Jersey's?

I made myself a little crossbody purse with interchangeable flaps (because I'm too indecisive to just embroider a purse). Going to Disney, needed something that would clearly identify where I came from. This was what I came up with.

Yeah, only people who are *from* here will get it, but it's all I got.

I am not particularly a football fan (if there's a game on I will occasionally yell at it, but I will not turn one on just to watch) but even *I* know that diagram is *not* the Philly Special.

Based on the jerseys there are twenty people named Wentz on the Speedline with us.

Philly airport trans job fair 

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