TSA agent to co worker: lol that's the eighth suitcase of nothing but Tasty Kakes I've seen this week.

I usually kinda give stunt accounts kind of a side-eye but for some reason this one makes me laugh.

I just realized. "Wawa" is the Canada goose version of "honk."

Do with that information what you will.

I moved to South Jersey in 2015 and to the Philly burbs in 2017, and today in 2019 I learned how Helen Gym's last name is pronounced.

(Why yes, I *do* get most of my news in [virtual] print.)

Gonna need to sell off Gritty Dragon too because I cannot resist the temptation to have him photobombing all my group shots.

(clarification: the menu says "pork roll egg and cheese sandwich" but multiple employees said "pork sandwich")

Help I had a pork roll egg and cheese at Jersey Mike's in the Orlando airport and they just called it a "pork sandwich" should I call Orlando police or New Jersey's?

I made myself a little crossbody purse with interchangeable flaps (because I'm too indecisive to just embroider a purse). Going to Disney, needed something that would clearly identify where I came from. This was what I came up with.

Yeah, only people who are *from* here will get it, but it's all I got.

I am not particularly a football fan (if there's a game on I will occasionally yell at it, but I will not turn one on just to watch) but even *I* know that diagram is *not* the Philly Special.

Based on the jerseys there are twenty people named Wentz on the Speedline with us.

Philly airport trans job fair 

Huh. Local paper says the Pitman theater...

"has canceled a controversial event about race relations that its organizers said was aimed at 'combating racism, violence, and authoritarianism.'

"The one-day conference, sponsored by Minds.com, a cryptocurrency social networking site, had been scheduled..."

Guest list is... quite a lineup. Includes Sargon of Akkad, Count Dankula and Andy Ngo so... hooboy.


Update: they're back.

(fun fact: I don't actually like pumpkin, I just buy them to send to my sister back in Kansas who LOVES them)

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