Got annoyed with having to enter alllllll the data on CVS' flu-shot scheduler so I decided to make a stupid account so I only have to enter it once.

Turns out CVS requires you to enter all the data again even if you're logged in. 😡

They also apparently want to schedule a single person per half-hour slot so if I want to schedule the whole family I have to reserve an hour and a half window.

Walk-in it is.

Confirmation email from CVS: "You are receiving this email to confirm the action noted above. Your email address will not be saved or used for any other purpose unless you chose to sign up for special email offers when you registered."

Yeah CVS, I unchecked alll those boxes.

CVS four minutes later: "Welcome to Weekly Deals and Extra Savings. You are receiving this email because you indicated you wanted email communications from CVS Pharmacy®"



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@gamehawk They are getting sneaky now days an the fine print will say,"Leave checked, all those you do not want"

@GoatsLive It took me a couple of years to stop getting "reminder" texts from them, on a prescription I had long since stopped taking.

To this day if I go in and the clerk tries to "confirm" my phone number, that'll turn them back on. I really really really don't like them, but both Carl and the kid have ongoing scripts there.

@gamehawk I’ve been using my local Rite-Aid for about 10 years and have a refreshing lack of that kind of BS. I also did a walk-in flu shot there and was in and out in 5 minutes.

@donutage We've been using CVS because there was one within walking distance of Carl's office and right in the parking lot of kid's doc but (1) the office has since moved and (2) then 100% WFH/telemedicine happened. There's a Rite-Aid almost on the edge of our subdivision, right across from the Aldi. I see no reason not to switch.

@gamehawk Yeah, I really only picked this Rite-Aid because it's within easy walking distance. Guess I got lucky.

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