gross, dead animal 

So I found a little bit of dried yuck on the carpet in the family room and went "okay, cat yakked a chunk of food here" and scooped it up and on the way to the trash I looked closer and it was a shriveled-up frog or toad. πŸ˜”

(I had noticed something dart in when I opened the sliding glass door once, but I thought it was a spricket and figured the cats would get it; we have both those and black crickets and Poppi is an efficient predator. Guess frogs don't taste as good.)

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gross, dead animal 

@gamehawk We find those all the time too here in Florida. The tree frogs get everywhere!

gross, dead animal 

@GoatsLive I hear tree frogs a lot but I haven't seen them here.

I thiiiiink this one was a toad but it was so dessicated I couldn't be sure. Little bitty one, whatever it was. Larger than the camel cricket I thought it was but not by much. (We grow camel crickets big around here.)

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