@Stephen_Stone I am *so* looking forward to the explanation of the choice of that absolutely weird-ass spot. It's a dinky little joint in a down-at-heels industrial district *way* the heck out northeast, as far as possible from the airport while still being Philly.

My personal hope is that they came in on an airship and so had to land at the mast at the Northeast Philly Airport, because that makes about as much sense as anything else.

@gamehawk My guess, which is what everyone else is guessing, is that they meant to book the hotel but got the landscaping business instead and said “fuck it, go with it, we’re all fucked in two months anyway”.

@Stephen_Stone Yeah, that's the simplest explanation but I at least need to hear the business owner's side of it.

@gamehawk 2 for 1 deal, come down and see the prez and get a free landscaping quote! Located just off the 95.

@allenu ... next to the adult bookstore, across the street from the crematory...

I'm glad you put 'How it's going' because How it ends is yet to play out.

@posrev Yeah, I'm not sure when the meme mutated to "How it ends;" the majority are still "going."

@posrev Oh definitely, I was just agreeing that I've seen both versions in the meme-iverse but AFAIK "going" is the earlier form and definitely the only one that would work in this situation.

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