spiders and bugs 

I am boggled by people's reaction to camel crickets/spider crickets/sprickets around here. They freak out about them like Kansas people do about brown recluses.

Thing is, sprickets will jump when they're threatened. Sometimes they jump toward you.

When brown recluse spiders are threatened, they BITE YOU WITH NECROTIC VENOM.

It's not even close, people.

spiders and bugs, body horror 

Seriously, a co-worker got bit when he reached into his (physical) inbox and for weeks every time he came into the office all the sales guys wanted to check the progress of the gross necrosis ulcer on his finger and tell him he should see a doctor.

The area around a bite becomes black and literally gangrenous. If somebody tells you they were once bitten by a recluse, ask them if they're sure. A real bitee's "Oh, I'm *sure*" comes from their SOUL.

spiders and bugs 

But sure, your jump-scare crickets are just as terrifying. 🙄

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