Not gonna lie, I have contemplated recreating it in Minecraft on

From birdsite (HRCzarPHL): "Philly: there have been several reported overdoses this week resulting from powder cocaine contaminated with fentanyl in the Philly restaurant industry. If you need naloxone/Narcan &/or fentanyl test strips or training for either, don’t hesitate to reach out. Keep each other safe"

I am not sure I'm on board with the placement of the privacy envelope on Gritty there. Are we wrong in calling that his belly button? 😬

cw: eye contact from a nearly-naked Borat. And possibly from naked Gritty although it's impossible to tell which direction he's actually looking so 🤷

Birdsite with the rare confluence of my old and new homes.

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Some National Weather Service folks have still not forgiven him for the Sharpie hurricane thing.


I've fully internalized the "things probably won't be settled today" to the point where I don't feel the need to doomscroll or anything. That may change later in the day, I guess, but right now my response to a birdsite feed (all news folks) full of "what are you doing to get through the day?" questions is "I dunno, grocery shopping and then cleaning the house and getting a few more Etsy listings posted. Just a normal day." Other than whale sharks instead of the usual dragons. 🤷‍♀️

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FINALLY some [relatively] good news about Karens.

While I was waiting for kids I inspected the shelf fungus progress. 🦃🍄

GTranslate says "meow thump thump fun space" so I dunno, maybe the translation here is not entirely inaccurate? Definitely a dog tho so I have no idea

"wear it proudly on Election Day" nothing, I'm wearing it every single day until it wears off.

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Update: we DO get stickers if we vote by mail. 😍

(As part of the confirmation postcard. Smart!)

They're twins, and it's always a challenge to get them things that are not identical but are reasonably equivalent. I hope I did okay this time.

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Normally in the run-up to my nieces' birthday I pick up things for them here and there but since I don't get out much these days I decided to try something different. A new Asian grocery opened in Cherry Hill, which has a little import shop in one of its "mall" spaces. I got them some Loz brick sets (and now I regret not getting some for us) and also all kinds of horizon-broadening snacks. 😆

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